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Harry Potter …

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 1

I Love the story of harry potter…..046

I read the whole books “ the 7 volumes”

and I saw the movies ..bubble-bear-msn-emoticons, I just saw “ harry potter and the deathly hallows part I ” it is incredible  v.

I read it and I keep reading , I don’t get bored and I keep wanting to read more …

I was a little sad that the story end although it was great end happy..

I am a fan u123911235905065  and I like art so I was searching in Google and I found a website which contain a drawing of harry potter was done by fans and I like to share with you some of the pictures and here the web site : http://fanart.the-leaky-cauldron.org/


harry_potter_by_hito76james_et_lily_by_hito76luna_lovegood_by_Leen_galeasron and hwemione 1

harry potter wedding -final -vol 7

and here some pictures of the artist of the movies 334



and I like the fact that Harry is in love with Ginny ..nr6oe10q0xraburabu


and that Ron is in love in Hermione ..



it is fun , is it not ? 

thanks …..

R-H 6


my favorite comic book…


My favorite comic book is Jughead Open-mouthed smile .

It is a comedy and consist of short stories ..

It is so funny , Jughead likes to eat although he is thin , and he lack interest in girls ..

Can you believe that Laughing out loud 

and he is friend with Archie who is dating both Veroica and Betty and he is a playboy.

his other friend is Dilton , he is a genius that make invention .

it is fun to read …

My first manga ….

the first manga I read was girl got game or power .love1

it is a wonderful story about a girl who love basketball and forced by her father to wear boys clothes and to attend boys school , and how she will fall in love with her roommate .


this manga is 10 volume , you will not feel bored reading it .

it was one of the best I read Smile 


if you like to read online you can find it in : www.mangafox.com

thanks …

Hello , I am Strawberry

Strawberry Yogurt Cones


this is my first time forming a blog

it just occur to me why don’t I form a blog and talk about the thing I like …

I really I am  a fun of reading , I read on my free time…

I specially like romance and fantasy stories..

I also read manga which I like a lot ..

so I hope I can share my love for reading and my my other hobbies with everyone Smile Open-mouthed smile 

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